Monday, February 27, 2012

Finally... Project Life (my Disney version)

After tracking my package on-line and seeing it was "out for delivery,"  I may or may not have been stalking the mailman.

One thing is for sure: I was really happy to finally receive my photo pocket pages, and had about 98% of my pictures in place before the end of the day.  (Can you say obsessive-compulsive?)

But don't you worry... the project is just beginning!  Now that all of my pictures have a "home,"  I'll be:
  • adding "matting" for some of the cropped photos.
  • adding journaling both in the smaller pockets (of "Design A"), and on 6x12 pages in between.
  • getting creative with some vertical photos.
  • purchasing some more Disney papers and embellishments to "fill in the blanks."

I'm including the first few pages below.  You can see how I used photos in both the 4x6 slots as well as the smaller slots typically used for journaling.  Since I will include some 6x12 pages with longer journaling accounts on them, I felt free to use up some of the smaller areas for photos.

In addition, you'll notice a lot of white space.  As I listed above... some photos need to be matted so that they fit appropriately.  Other spots either need journaling, or some bright piece of Disney paper or embellishment.  THIS gave me the idea of using Disney paint chip cards as embellishments in my album.

The days of the week journal cards are a free download from Cathy Zielske HERE, and I love them -- because they mark our progress through the trip, and remind us what happened on what day.

Crazy family photos on the plane!
This was the first time we had all flown together.
I'll use that "Saturday" journal card (and the other "day-cards")
to give a general idea of each day's schedule.

At the airport, at the hotel,
and on our way to the cruise terminal.
I'm glad that I decided to use Dad's, Jill's, and Shelby's photos
as well as my own.
Imagine!  I am in some of the pictures!!!

Inside the cruise terminal, checking out a model of the ship.
It was raining when we arrived -- but not for long!
Just long enough to get that view of our ship's lifeboats through the raindrops.

Lifeboat drill and "Adventures Away!"
Check out the rainbow that appeared as we set sail on our adventure.
My sister caught that shot.

I'll come back and show you these pages again when I get all of the blanks filled in.
I can't believe I'm finally on my way!


  1. Oh, you've given me some great ideas! We're going to Disney World this summer!

  2. Awww -- you look so happy to have received your long-awaited package, Sally. So cute!

    Your organization and layouts are awesome. Have fun!

  3. love it!! I love Disney :) And I was stalking the mailman for my page protectors too!


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