Friday, February 17, 2012

Fancy Five Friday ~ Shopping

You might think there's nothing fancy or special about a shopping trip.  Well, let me tell you my friend...  When you have a certain window of time, five stores to hit, a long list, and everything gets crossed off the list...




Well, come on now...

You know it's been a good shopping trip when...

(1) find meat marked down 45%, and "the date is still good!"
(Pork chops for dinner, and some for the freezer!)

(2) use NO plastic or paper bags, just reusable ones
-- and you save five cents at Target for doing so.
[Five cents is five cents, right?]

(3) find another bowl to go with a little set of two.

(4) find the correct black ink for your computer.
(Why do they have to make this stuff so hard to find?)

And last but not least...
(5) save just over $19.00 (26% of your grocery bill).

It's been a good day.
Fancy Friday
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And in other news:  I'll bet you think I've forgotten ALL about my Disney Project Life, right?  NOT AT ALL!  I've been sorting through all of my pictures over and over again to get them grouped just right.  I printed my photos as well as my dad's, and my sister's. THEN, when I got all of those sorted, I realized that my daughter had saved her Disney photos on my computer -- and of course she had some different shots that I wanted so... I had hers printed as well.  I have quite a collection of photos.  Some of them are duplicates, so I'll choose some of the best of those.  Others didn't turn out that great, so I'll have to decide if they're worth using.  All in all, though, they tell our story -- which is what I'm after.

I was so excited (on Valentines Day) to see this Twitter update from Becky Higgins:

"Update: Things are still looking good for Amazon to
receive all the plastics by the end of this week.
Happy Valentines Day! #ProjectLife"

Best.  News.  Ever!

Honestly, at this point, I'm not even worried about the Turquiose Core Kit with all of my journaling cards (& etc.).  They'll be back in stock eventually, right (she said hopefully...)  If I could just get all these photos set up, I would be in heaven!!! I'll be singing from the rooftops when Becky announces that Amazon has my "A" Photo Pocket Pages back in!  Stay tuned.  Looks like it will be TODAY.

The eagle has landed.   Uh... I mean - the goodies have indeed arrived at Amazon today. They are busy stocking the shelves, and Becky is sweetly letting us know as items become available.  If you're ordering this time around... don't wait!  Just ordered my stuff ~ Yippee!!!


  1. Love, love your fancy finds!! Especially the first one. That kind of deal always puts a smile on my face. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Sales, saving, a super cute matching bowl...oh yes...a wonderful day indeed. just think if you had a nickle for every reusable bag you used...oh, wait!! ;)


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