Monday, February 13, 2012

Clipping and Saving

Do you cut out coupons?  Are you a mega-couponer?

I cut out coupons, but no - I'm not a mega-couponer.  I don't even know if that's the correct term they're using nowadays.  But you know who I mean.  The people who use two coupons on a product when it's on sale, and end up getting paid to buy the product... in multiples... and have their shelves stocked... sometimes with items they don't even use... because they got them free or sometimes, just really cheap.  Personally, I don't have room in my house to stock up on items that I don't even USE.  But, that's just me.  If you do it -- good for you.  I salute you.  Because... FREE is FREE.

On the other end of the spectrum, I've heard people say they don't even have TIME to clip coupons.  It's never struck me as too-big-a-deal to sit in front of Sunday night TV shows clipping and alphabetizing coupons.  Then, I'm ready to go for another week.  My little coupon wallet goes in my purse, and is with me wherever I shop.  I put every coupon I clip in this wallet.  Groceries.  Craft stores.  Entertainment book.  If I put EVERYthing in my coupon wallet, and then there is no doubt where I will find ANY coupon.

Oops!  Do I see an expired coupon?

My mom always taught us that every little bit helps -- so I've always been a coupon-clipper. I confess though, I go through stages in my effectiveness.  I don't always watch the sales to use my coupons on sale items, getting the best price.  There are weeks when I just buy what we need, and never look back.  But, admittedly, I need to get better about that.  Grocery bills could strangle you these days!

Through the years, I've watched my mom's shopping patterns.  After reading the ads and making a list, she would (still does) visit multiple stores to get the best deals.

I, on the other hand, did not want to spend that much time driving around town.  I've always had a favorite grocery store that I visit.  Upon occasion, people have asked me how I can shop there because they're so expensive.  However, I've compared prices through the years on the items we buy, and have come up cheaper at our store.  So, I've stuck with it.

My sweet hubby has a totally different "favorite" store, and if he shops for me, that's where he likes to go.  I  wrestle with that because, they don't always have the brands, sizes, varieties, or flavors that I'm used to purchasing at MY favorite store.

Also, we have one of those small grocery stores nearby -- you know the ones... You bring your own bags, you pack your own groceries.  You don't see a lot of name brands.  But, you DO see a lot of inexpensive products.

Lately, I've been thinking that I need to change my approach to grocery shopping.  So, last week, I went:
  1. to the small un-branded store, and bought items that we regularly use, but that we don't favor brands for.
  2. then to the thrift bakery, where I stocked up on breads.  We take a loaf out of the freezer as we need it.  (I only buy bread at the grocery store when I'm on a desperate mission and the thrift store is closed!)
  3. then to my hubby's favorite store, where they were having a mega-sale on canned veggies and beans -- as well as other items.  I got a lot there.  It struck me that for about the same amount that I'd pay at my favorite store, I took home a lot more groceries. A good feeling.
  4. then to my favorite store.  I confess to favoring their meat.  So, I bought meat and a few other items that I couldn't find at my other stops.
Times are changing, and I'm learning to roll with it.  (Better late than never, right?)
    So, what are you doing in this crazy economy
    to cut your grocery bill?

    Do you clip coupons?

    Do you shop at multiple stores?

    Are you brand conscious?
    Have you changed any brands?
    (In a shocking move, I bought a store-brand ketchup last week!  I've purchased the SAME BRAND OF KETCHUP for all of my almost-twenty married years!  That's ONE brand I've been conscious of.

    Don't forget to organize your coupons this week!
    There are a lot of good tips over at

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    52 Week Organized Home Challenge

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    1. My rural community makes grocery shopping a totally different experience! My Amish stores don't take coupons - or credit cards for that matter! But do have great prices! The two stores in town are pretty competitive. I shop their sales every week and keep the pantry filled. :) Works for me!


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