Monday, December 19, 2011

An Answered Christmas Prayer ??

The other day, I asked my son if he wanted to hang his ornament collection on the tree.  He said I could hang mine first, and he would fill in the "holes."  So, I hung mine.

Today, my daughter noticed that her brother had not hung his ornaments.  When I told her about my conversation with him, she said, "I think that was just his way of NOT hanging his ornaments."

I said, "That's okay.  It's not important enough to make a big deal about, or to argue about. I'm all about that this year!"

"All about what?" she asked.  I told her that I don't want to become frustrated about the things that don't really matter.  And (NO guilt intended) if my son doesn't care so much about hanging his ornaments, that's okay.

"I'm really trying to be better about that this year," I said.

"You ARE?" was her reply.  (Said in such a way as to indicate disbelief.)

Okay, I was the tiniest bit offended by her reaction.

Until my daughter explained to me that she didn't intend for it to come out "like THAT!"

"It's just that... it's like an answer to prayer," she said.

Took me long enough to "get it," huh?

Don't be like me.
Don't be SO CAUGHT UP in keeping
what you think are "Christmas traditions"
that you miss deep enjoyment with the people
that you're supposed to be making those traditions with.

Only took me 19 years of married life
and 17 years of motherhood.


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