Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Same Look for Less: Cranberries

I've noticed so many cute Christmas crafts this year that seem to (or in fact DO) include CRANBERRIES.  I couldn't help but wonder how on earth the cranberries stayed "good" long enough to enjoy them in a candle arrangement, for example.  OR, better yet, where could you find artificial cranberries?????

I found some.  Well, I think they make a pretty good stand-in.  My daughter and I were at the Dollar Tree the other day, and lo and behold, I found: Decorative Container Filler.  Did you know they made this?  And, if you knew, why did you not tell me?  (wink - Truth be told, I was never really looking until now...)

At first, I thought they were tiny wooden balls, but no -- they are actually some kind of foamy product.  They are indeed cranberry in color, they vary in size, and have imperfections that make it look as if they have a spot where the stem was.

Thank you, I'll take two bags.

Dollar Tree, people!

** Word to the wise: when I blew the candle out, these little things FLEW!  Be careful!

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  1. Get.
    Those are awesome, Sal! I've used real cranberries to fill my candle holders (like your photo) and they do last an amazing amount of time. But not forever, like your awesome discovery.
    I wonder if I can find a Dollar Tree in Montucky???


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