Thursday, June 26, 2014

This Week In My Kitchen ~ 6.26.14 {Beach House Kitchen}

:: Capturing my love of food, combined with the activity of a bustling kitchen.
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Banana bread at home.

 The refrigerator before vacation.  We really clean out!

The rest of these pictures are from the beach house we rented for our vacation.  I thought it would be fun to snap pictures in a different kitchen, so this is the one post that I didn't have ready ahead of time for you.  I've been working on it since we got here - all ELEVEN of us.  I love a change of scenery, and enjoy all of the things that are different from our home: space, light, colors, and texture.

We love "eating in" on vacation.  While everyone makes their own breakfast and lunch, dinners are eaten together around the table -- and this house has a table that's big enough for all of us!  We make family favorites for dinner, and we treat ourselves to dessert each night.  {Scandalous, no?}  Typically Mom, Jill and I take turns making dinner, but usually whoever's not cooking still steps in to help.  The guys and kids are great about helping, too.

Afterall, many hands make light work!

Room for 11 around this table. {Loving these red chairs!!}

Paper goods make clean-up easier!

With a house of 11, we write our names on our cups!

 By morning light...

My daughter preparing Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert
 -- a vacation tradition.

The table set for dinner.

My dad doing dishes.

My niece preparing meat for Taco Salads.

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  1. I love big family vacations! Beach, skiing, destination weddings...doesn't seem to matter, all the real action happens around the table! :)

  2. I almost made a banana loaf with very ripe bananas that I'd frozen to prevent them going totally black but then decided to make ice cream with them instead. Seeing your loaf I'm wishing that I'd gone the loaf now. It looks yummy. Did you take it away with you?

  3. My goodness...I feel the need to run out to the store and make the Ice Cream Sandwich dessert NOW!!!!!!!

  4. That looks like some very good beach house fun! Dessert every day seems like a bare necessity on vacation - so glad you took care of it!

  5. I am not sure what it is you are making with that chocolate, but I want to taste it :)

    1. It is called Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert, and you will find a title/link to it above the picture where my daughter is chopping chocolate pieces. =)

  6. Family vacation is wonderful! And I would like to try your ice cream sandwich dessert, yummy!!

  7. That looks like so much fun...and dessert, after all, is good for the soul. (I firmly believe that!)


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