Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Diaper Raffle (A Baby Shower Idea)

I mentioned HERE that my daughter and I were invited to two baby showers recently.  THIS is the one that we were able to attend -- for my niece.  We were excited to attend this shower.  This baby girl's arrival in July will mark a new generation in our family... GREAT grandchildren for my in-laws!!!

The flat stationary card invitations were so cute (see above, from Shutterfly) and among other things said this:

Bring a package of any size diapers
to be included in a prize drawing!

My daughter and I took a pack of diapers for the baby-to-be, and I wrote my daughter's name on the slip of paper for the drawing.  There were several gifts to choose from, among them: beautifully potted plants, and assorted Bath & Body Works items.  All of the potted plants were chosen by the time my daughter's name was drawn -- yes!  She was a lucky winner!!  She came home with some B&BW items.

Because this was a rather large gathering for TWO moms-to-be, and there were lots of gifts to open, we did not play games.  But... the diaper raffle was one way they gave away prizes to the guests.  The other was to set a timer[several times] while gifts were being opened.  Whomever's gift was being opened when the timer rang could choose a prize.

Two nice ways to make the guests feel special without taking up a lot of time!

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