Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Life Circumstances: Out of My Control

There's nothing like coming home from vacation.  The only thing better might be... staying on vacation!  If you're like me, you get to a point on the drive home when HOME can't come fast enough!  As we sat together at our last dinner on the road, we were talking about iPods, and apps.  My mom (with all of her techy wisdom) said, "I'd like an app that sprays me HOME!"  Can I get an "amen?"

After a wonderful week at the beach, we finally arrived home after about a two hour delay due to traffic congestion.  Congestion.  That's what the sign said.  As if we needed a sign to tell us it was congested!

Not long after we arrived home, my daughter and I heard a rather loud splashing water sound from the basement, and ran downstairs to find water spraying everywhere from the tank in the corner of our basement that links our well outdoors and the plumbing indoors.

While my daughter ran upstairs to get my hubby, I quickly moved all of the vacation laundry that the kids had just deposited there within the last hour.  I found myself saying, "Thank you God!  Oh Lord, Thank you!  We are here to handle this!  Thank you for not allowing this to happen before we got home!  Thank you Lord!"

Can you even imagine?  That would've been ONE BIG, BIG MESS!

In fact, we did have a mess on our hands -- but nothing like what we would've had if this had all happened while we were away from home.  God is good.  All the time.

He's been doing a lot to get my attention lately, and to remind me WHO is really in control in this game we call LIFE.  There are so many some areas of life in which I have relinquished control.  That's one of the things I've been learning as our kids get older.  And wow, as a former homeschooling mom, that was/is a "biggie" for me!

Recently, I realized yet another thing that was out of my control: whether or not our son would be able to go on vacation with us.  It didn't look good at first.  We had a lot of discussions about it.  I shared with friends and family, asking them to pray -- because, as I said, I knew it was out of my control.  It didn't have anything to do with talking my son into it.  He was game!  It had everything to do with his supervisors at work, and whether or not they were willing to work with him on this vacation issue.

I told the Lord my heart's desire.  I know my son won't always be able to go on vacation with us -- and that someday a day will come when it just will not be possible.  "But Lord," I prayed... "please let it work out this year!"

And then I let go.

No really.  I did.


I'm so thankful that through the "growing pains" of life that God is teaching me to trust him more.

Yes, our son DID get to go on vacation with us this year.  I'm so thankful.  I'm equally thankful for the way God helped me to keep my eyes on HIM rather than the circumstance that I couldn't control -- and I'm SO thankful for all those who prayed for us.  The power of prayer is an amazing thing.


  1. I have a pretty angel in my kitchen and she holds a sign that says, "When in doubt, look up." I also have another one that says, "It is what it is." Together they pretty much say it all! ;) Hope you get that water dried up quickly!

  2. I have control issues, so I really enjoyed this post!


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