Friday, February 14, 2014

By the Dawn's Early Light

I don't have to tell you... it's been a long, cold winter.  And that's only so far!  I don't know if I've taken one "outdoor shot" all winter.  Personally speaking, it hasn't been worth it.  I'm speaking of the kind of shots that I used to go tromping around the yard for.  You know, knee deep in the muck the snow to get that perfect winter shot?  Not happening this year.  It's just been too cold.

I don't mind telling you that even though the sun is my friend, our friendship has been weighed down a bit lately by deception.  This winter, I have been lured to the window with the promise of great warmth, where I find that the thermometer still reads 3, and the weather man [speaking from the TV in the other room] says there is a windchill of -9.  Nope.  Still not interested in heading out for pictures.  At this rate, it may be... well, MAY.

A few days ago was no different.  I've learned my lesson though, and was only waiting on the sun in order to get some INSIDE pictures.  You see, I wanted to show you my girl's amazing spatter-painted artwork from a weekend birthday adventure.

The day dawned bright and shiny.  I couldn't wait to take pictures.  The artwork was hung in a sunny spot, and I realized that there were some interesting shadows and reflections on the wall behind the glass candlestick.

I love the textures and play of light-- and even the shadows!

But especially my girl's Pollock-esque project... by the dawn's early light.


  1. Such a beautiful scene! I love the colors and texture of her splatter artwork!

  2. When there's no color outside, find it inside! Love it! ;) Stay warm!

  3. Hi Sally, lovely photos. I haven't taken any outdoor photos this winter, either. Greetings from Montreal, Canada.


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