Wednesday, February 12, 2014


~My Daughter's New Favorite Flower~

The night before my daughter's birthday party, we hit the store for a few last minute odds and ends, and for some flowers.  There's something so grown up about receiving flowers, isn't there?  We've given her flowers for a few birthdays in the past -- but I really wanted to make sure we did it for SWEET SIXTEEN. 

I let her pick out the bouquet/color that she liked the most.  She chose these peachy Alstroemeria.  The flowers sat in a place of honor during the party.  The next day, my girl told me these may be her new favorite flower.  The jury is still out, but... she is entertaining the idea.

I told her that I had Alstroemeria in my wedding bouquet -- which sort of made her eyes widen... I'm not sure why.  Maybe she didn't know Alstroemeria were that old?

My husband and I kind of have a flower tradition.  He has NEVER had flowers delivered to me.  Now, before you start feeling sad for me, you should know... he ALWAYS delivers them himself.  Since our dating days! When we were dating, he would often deliver flowers to my work-place.  If I wasn't busy, he would stay for a minute.  Other times, when I wasn't at my desk, he would drop them and run.  Either way, a nice surprise!

I hope that someday, my girl will know the thrill of receiving beautiful flowers from a guy who is special to her.

An "oops" afterthought and NOTE TO SELF:
After having the flowers in her room for a few days, my girl determined that they were giving her an allergic reaction -- just like she experiences from various pollens in the spring and fall.  We moved them from her room, and ultimately decided they had to be removed from the house altogether.  Boo.  Perhaps someday, "that special guy" will have to bring her something other than flowers...


  1. Oh how sad to be allergic to one's new favorite flower. Sigh. These are such a pretty, long-lasting flower. I hope that they went to a good home.

  2. Very pretty! How sad that she is allergic to the blooms and didn't get to enjoy them very long. And you're husband is a keeper (of course, you already knew that)!


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