Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Have you heard of the K.I.S.S. principle?  Of course you probably have.  When we were kids, we used to say, "Keep It Simple, Stupid!"  Of course, I always taught my kids not to say "stupid" to people -- so let's change it up and say, "Keep It Simple, Sweetie!"

Read on...

Jen posted a thought-provoking post HERE -- which, I'm not afraid to say, stopped me dead in my tracks. Me.  The one wishing for bigger and better and more well-known.  The one who contemplates pushing the "monetize" button, but so far hasn't been able to muster it because I'm such a visual person, that it will mess with my head to see ads when I look at my blog.

I read Jen's post, and I heard brakes screeeeeech in my head.

Slow down.
Stay simple.
Stop looking at numbers.
Enjoy the people who come regularly to chat and share.
Speak to the people who can hear what it is I have to say.
Be true to myself.
Make this something I will always feel proud to look back on.
Journal life.

You get the idea.

So, I did the only thing I knew to do... I dropped the bigger is better notion, and "cleaned house" a little -- meaning I tidied up my blog.  Moved some things UP the sidebar.  Moved some things DOWN the sidebar. Removed some things that were sort of a duplication of themselves.  Moved some more things around a little bit.  Removed my button... because, really?  It's not like there's a really a purpose for ME to have one.  ("Wow, Sally, thanks for that button.  I really NEEDED that" -- said nobody EVER - LOL.  Of course, as a new blogger, I thought everyone had to have one.  Now I see... they are handy for people to use to link to a party on your blog... but other than that, not so much.)

In my "housecleaning", you'll never guess what I noticed?  My little twitter button over in my sidebar no longer linked to my twitter.  (gasp!)  That happens sometimes when I change things around, and don't follow a breadcrumb trail all the way to the end.  So, my best tip to you?  If you have various social media buttons on your sidebar, click on them from time to time to make sure that they still lead where you want them to lead. Blog-tidying 101.  You're welcome.

Also, in the spirit of sharing my favorite beautifully uncomplicated blogs, I have added a blog-roll.  I purposely did not automatically add all of the blogs that I read.  Instead, the list is a work in progress.  I'll add new blogs as I go, remembering how they speak to me, and helping to promote some of my absolute favorite places to curl up.  I hope you'll find some new spots to curl up too -- and tell 'em Sally sent you!

And don't forget, Keep It Simple... SWEETIE!

'13 Gratefulness
* grateful for a co-worker traveling with my hubby to share the driving on a long trip -- and for safe arrival
* grateful that my girl is feeling better today, and back to school

Feel free to chime in with a comment!  What are you grateful for today?


  1. The sun shining and a beautiful day.

  2. It's looking good! I do housecleaning on mine about once a year.

  3. Sally,

    You. are. so. right. :)

    Love her post. Love your post. :)

    Thanks for the reminder today!


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I read each and every one, and truly enjoy "conversations" with you! ~Sally

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