Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You Capture: Motherhood

Lilacs in a cut-glass bud vase --
or dandelions in a plastic cup?

On Mothers Day, my mom told about a young(er) mom who spoke in church paying tribute to the women in the church that had influenced her over the years.  She mentioned that she loved it when my mom prayed.  As my mom thought back to WHY this might be, she remembered a Bible study group that they had been in together several years back.  Most of the women were younger, and hesitated when it came to praying out loud.  Usually my mom was called upon to pray.  When one of the ladies commented that she felt self-conscious about praying out loud, my mom recalled a story that she had heard on the Christian radio station, and shared it with the group.

When we bring our prayers to God,
we can be compared to a child bringing a dandelion bouquet to her mom.
Of course, the mother is not going to turn the bouquet down.
Rather, she will accept it lovingly from her child,
and say how beautiful it is,
regardless of it's imperfection.

God does not turn away our humble and simple prayers.
He accepts them lovingly,
and is glad for our openness with Him
- regardless of the imperfection of our thoughts or words.

As a parent - I can certainly relate to this comparison.

As a child of God - I am thankful that God loves me even in my imperfection -- a much bigger and more perfect picture of how we love our own children.


 Photo Prompt: "Motherhood"

I love this series of photos of my mom on Mothers Day.
My 12-year-old nephew made a card on the computer for her
that said: "Grandma, You Rock!"
Needless to say - she loved it, and she gave him the thumbs up!

Totally, unrelated --
I love this quote that my sister spotted & shared with me the other day:

"Life is like photography.
We develop with the negatives."


  1. I LOVE that little blurb on prayer- I too have a fear, if you will, of praying out loud. But I need to remember Who it is I'm talking too, rather than who might be listening.
    So jealous of the fact that you have lilacs already!

  2. Your mom looks so happy! Great photos!

  3. What a cute mom you have. Adorable pictures.

  4. Beautiful lesson about the dandelions. Thanks for sharing that.

  5. Lovley pictures of your mom!

  6. Nice photos of your Mom. She looks so happy!

  7. Those shots of your mom are too cute! And I love the idea of finding the beauty in dandelions. It;s there, always, if we look.

  8. I love the photos of your mother. She looks so young at heart.

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