Friday, May 27, 2011

On Forgetting

Sometimes, we forget ourselves for the good of others.  And that is generous.  It is gracious.  It is how God would have us live.  But sometimes (and hear me say "sometimes") we forget ourselves to such an extent that deep within ourselves, we are damaged, hurt, and burdened.  At that point, we are no good to others.

Sometimes (and again, hear me say "sometimes") we have to go to a place where we can forget others (so to speak) in order to heal ourselves.  I think that God understands this.  I think that He can use this time to make us a better person -- so that we can better serve others.  So that we can be a better friend.

The struggle may be in getting ourselves to "that place" -- where we can be alone with our self, and with God -- and heal.

Don't forget -- even the Lord our God RESTED.  Shouldn't that be our model... our example?

Don't forget... It's okay to rest.


  1. I needed to hear that it's okay to rest. I tend to be a "go go go go go" type person. I need to sit.

    Beautiful post.

  2. Getting ourselves to that place is the hardest part... at least for me. Beautiful post. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. as i rush around today.... such a good message
    or i will miss it all in the blur

  4. sometimes we need the time just for ourselves

  5. I, agree. What a great message! Unfortunately, I have trouble just getting to that place where I can be alone with God, as well.

  6. Great post! Hi, I'm your newest follower via the You Like Me hop. Would love it if you'd swing by my blog when you get a chance! :)


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