Thursday, May 19, 2011

Warm Fuzzies!

It hasn't been a creative week around here,
and I'm not sure where the time has gone.
The last few days I've found a few blog posts
that have really been an encouragement to me.
So, thinking that perhaps you might also need a "lift" this day,
let me tell you about them.

Do you know my friend Teresa at Meadowbrook Farm?
I've bragged on her blog a few times around here.
On those days when I feel strangled by the weight of things that need to be done,
I click on her blog, and know that I will see photography that transports me
to a different place -- even if just for a few minutes.
Go there and see for yourself.
All I know is, I've never seen those mountains or that scenery.
If you told me "Pack your bags and let's go,"
I'd say, "Who needs bags?  I'm ready."

Susie is another friend.
We encourage one another (apparently).
It seems like every time I leave a comment
telling her how much she encourages me,
she comments back to me that I do the same for her.
It's kind of a lovely "vicious circle." (smiles)
The other day, Susie wrote about peace,
and about the choice we make each day upon waking.
This is real stuff folks, and it cuts right to the chase.
There's a reason Susie is called the "Good News Girl!"
I'm just sayin'.

Read this post by Ali Edwards.
It's really just a quote, but it's a good one,
and it spoke volumes to me.
See if it speaks to you.

Some thoughts to ponder --
taken from my handwritten notes at the front of my Bible.
These are not my original thoughts,
but rather, thoughts pastors and/or friends shared with me.

"Our problems may be bigger than us,
but God is bigger than our problems!"

"The one who controls it all is totally committed to me!"

"Praise the Lord" by The Imperials


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