Saturday, December 4, 2010

December 4th - A Letter From Santa

When our daughter was eight, she decided to send a letter to Santa.  She wrote it one day, and sealed it up before I could even get a look at it.  I wasn't too worried though - I mean, it was going to Santa.  She put his name on the envelope, and took it out to the mailbox.  I assured her that the people at the post office would know how to get it to Santa, and we left it at that.  I'm sure she was expecting great things, but I promised nothing.

Days later, we received THIS in the mail -- addressed of course, to our sweet Shelby.  Believer in all things good, including Santa.  Enclosed was a letter - which made me cry.  It was not just a quick letter sent out to all good children.  It was a letter to SHELBY.

When I asked her what she had said to Santa in her letter -- she said, "You know -- all the questions he answered in his letter!"  Of course.  A few days later, I placed a thank-you note in the mailbox addressed to "Santa."  I never found out if someone at the post office answered Shelby's letter, or if it was our mailman.  Shelby would tell you it was Santa!

Check this out. (Love it!)
These are my new fav.  I  purchased them for a recent trip so I had non-dress pants to wear that weren't as bulky to pack as jeans.  They are super soft and comfy, and a nice option in between sweats and jeans - but can also be on the dressier side if you want!  I only found them in navy at Wal-mart, but I would definitely get them in black or gray if I could find them!  At $11, you can't go wrong.


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