Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 15th ~ The Party

Last evening we enjoyed a Christmas party involving all of the Childrens' Staff at church.  What an evening we had.  It's always a great gathering of people that really love one another AND the Lord -- and boy, do we know how to have fun.  (Some people think those things are mutually exclusive, but noooo, I assure you!  They are not!)

We always have a small gift exchange (under $10), and everyone brings a dish to share.  This year, the idea was to bring a dish and a white elephant gift that brought a Christmas Carol to mind.  For example, I brought a Mexican 7-layer dip -- and my Christmas Carol was Feliz Navidad.  What was my gift, you ask?  It was a Christmas-red fleece blanket.  Use your imagination now... It was for a SIESTA.  You get the idea.

For the gift exchange, we drew numbers, and in numerical order we either picked an unopened gift -or- we could "steal" an opened gift from someone.  If you wanted to steal a gift, you had to sing the Christmas Carol that went with that gift - at least a few bars of it.  It was rather hysterical, and we had a wonderful time, as always.

The highlight of the evening was something different for me though.  One of my dear friends has been trying to get together with me for a couple weeks now -- to pass along a Christmas gift.  She was so anxious and excited to give it.  I just couldn't imagine what she had gotten or made me.  Last night was finally the night to find out.  As she handed me the gift, I must admit that I had a few butterflies.  Afterall, there had been a big build-up for this gift.  

Much to my surprise, MY FACE was the first thing I saw when I pulled the wrapping aside.  It was on the cover of a BOOK.  What on earth?  As I flipped through the Shutterfly book, I realized that my friend had taken many of my photos (mostly floral, some winter) from my "Project 365" (a photo a day), and compiled them into this book.  She then proceeded to hand-write scripture around the photos.  You think there were any tears?

I have never received such a precious gift - such a validation of who I am, and the things I enjoy (like photography).  After all, who doesn't appreciate a little validation from time to time?  I should mention that the book was set in a lovely Christmas bowl filled with candy.  Beautiful.

I said it once (to her), and I'll say it again.  Thank you Marie.  You've outdone yourself.

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  1. I am just now getting around to checking in on your blog again Sal. I am so happy to "read out loud" that you loved your book. I loved giving it to you! Now, what to do for next year? hmmmmm...


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