Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2nd ~ Memories

December Daily memories from yesterday:  

* It was lightly snowing, and my daughter (almost 13, & looking out the window) said, "You know what song this reminds me of?  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"  And we started singing together.  I got to the part about taking a look in the "FIVE AND TEN", and she stopped and asked what that was.  I explained to her that back in the day that was like the dollar store - except things only cost 5 and 10 cents.  She was incredulous & kept saying, "Really?  Only 5 or 10 cents?  Things were that cheap?  Really?"

* Our sweet daughter presented us with this Mother & Father of the year award... "for taking such good care of her while she had the flu."  It was kind of a spur of the moment award -- an old summer camp award of her own.  (Really - we don't have to talk about how good-looking this guy is, do we?)  The sentiment was there, and I know it came from her heart.

* Though Christmas decorating is going slow for us this year, I DID get the wreath up at our front entry.  Progress!

I can't wait to compile all this in my first-ever December Daily Page!  I'm not exactly sure that this process will be an every-day one since I don't print my photos at home.  For now, I have my Day One photos ordered at Walgreens.  I'll post Day One when it's complete...I think. (Confidence, now!)

Check this out. (Love it!)
Dial Complete Antioxidant Liquid Handsoap (Cranberry)
Formerly a HUGE Bath & Body Works fan...I'm looking for something a little more budget-friendly these days.  The cranberry variety smells good enough to eat.  Yummy.  (Available at your local grocery store!)


  1. That trophy looks like it should be for "Amazon Woman of the Year!" LOL!! Very sweet though!!

  2. @Jill

    I know - isn't it hysterical? He(?) is actually holding a movie reel above his head - it was an oscar-like trophy for the week at camp when they made movies...


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