Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 23rd ~ Last Minute Gifts...

Need a last-minute gift idea?
Below are some sites that I have visited and given to over the years.
You can review the catalogs, and find a gift that grabs your heart.

* a goat for a poor village family  * a bicycle for a girl student  
* a sewing machine, table, & chair
* clean drinking water  * a drip irrigation system  * Bibles  * winter coats
* backpacks & school supplies  * teach a child to read & write
* save a child from exploitation   
* buy an airline ticket to save a child's life
* fruit trees  * livestock  * dairy animals

The ideas are really endless.  Your donation can be in any amount of course.
We recently purchased 2 rabbits for a loved one through Gospel for Asia,
and a goat from The Chapel's gift catalog.
In the past, we have purchased fruit trees,
and contributed towards clean & safe drinking water for a village.

You can show Christ-like love to those you may never meet,
but who are intimately known by God.


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