Thursday, June 12, 2014

This Week In My Kitchen ~ 6.12.14

:: Capturing my love of food, combined with the activity of a bustling kitchen.
A weekly collection of photos from the heart of our home. ::

Joining Heather for:
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Putting flowers from my hubby in a vase.

Colorful ingredients...

My daughter made sweet treats to put in goodie bags
for her graduating friends.

Strawberries and Red Globe Grapes from the Farmers Market.

Freezing the strawberries...

Toasting breadcrumbs...

Birthday cupcakes ~ "Orangesicle!"

It's simple to join in:
  • On your blog, post photos taken in your kitchen throughout the week.
  • Words aren't necessary, your photos will tell the the story. Some of us enjoy adding a few thoughts to accompany the images... the choice is yours. 
  • Feel free to grab the brief description at the top of this post, or add a few words of your own to explain the project.)
  • Link back to this post so your readers can visit This Week In My Kitchen and join in. 
  • Come back here and link up your current post (not your main blog) so we can all visit your kitchen!
  • Join me every Thursday or the occasional Thursday if that works better for you.
  • Please be sure to only link up if you are participating in this series. Thank you!


  1. The graduating treats look so much fun. Are those mini pretzels that you've used for the base?

  2. Cupcakes look great... I love cupcakes making!!!! Hugs from Italy

  3. My neighbor (if you can call it that - it was a 25 minute hike over the big forested hill and through the pasture with the bull to get to her house) was an elderly woman whose kitchen smelled of palmolive except for whatever tincture or poultice she'd been crafting that day. She made the most wonderful orange-y dreamsicle cake that I've never been able to duplicate. MMM. Your post brings back happy memories.

  4. Your photos look so good Sally, but my favorite is the orangesicle cupcakes, they make me think of the ice cream push up ones we use to eat on the beach in Florida.
    Can I ask what recipe you used? I have a granddaughter who would love these.

  5. Everything looks delicious! And the flowers are beautiful. I love flowers in the kitchen/dining area.

  6. Those sweet treats look like a lot of fun to make. I love grapes and your strawberries look so good too. Thanks for sharing your kitchen this week.

  7. Aww how sweet, flowers from your hubby. They're very pretty and the food looks great.

  8. Lovely flowers. Everything looks so good.


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