Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Allow Yourself

The day AFTER the sump pump mishap, everyone went off to their work and school assignments, and it was just me.  And it was my birthday.  I was working hard to get things organized in the basement, while doing laundry, and sorting things in the garage as well.

It was a gorgeous day, and I decided to allow myself a birthday treat -- right there in the middle of the madness.  I grabbed a favorite new book that I've been getting lost in, and set the kitchen timer for 30 minutes.

I sat on the patio, and DID NOT MOVE for 30 minutes.  No watering flowers, no picking up this or that in the yard.  Just sitting and soaking in the sun with a good read.  Thirty minutes of bliss.

Then it was back to work.

Allow yourself!

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  1. Good for you, Sally, and happy belated birthday! I too have to be mindful about stepping away from things to just be. All too often, I find myself sitting by the pool for a mere five minutes, before I start weeding or watering or skimming. It's so hard for me to just sit. I did it this weekend and it felt wonderful. I am glad you took the time out to relax! What are you reading? The picture has me curious!


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I read each and every one, and truly enjoy "conversations" with you! ~Sally

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