Wednesday, June 11, 2014

100 Happy Days!

A few days ago, my daughter told me about the #100happydays Challenge.  I haven't heard about it anywhere else, or from anyone else -- so maybe it's just a YOUTH thing that I've plopped myself down in the middle of. But I'm okay with that -- because it's making me think about being happy every day.  Granted, we may not be "happy" all the time, but there are a million happy moments that show up during each day, and this is teaching me to look for them, recognize them, welcome them, and celebrate them.

You can FOLLOW ALONG WITH ME for 100 days.

UPDATE :: Well, I'll just be honest. This project was a fail. I missed a BUNCH of days of posting on Facebook, and I thought I would catch up, but I just don't see that happening. That said, please know that I have NOT stopped being HAPPY.   I'm just too busy living it to post it. Also, I probably chose the wrong platform... I should have used my blog rather than FB. If you'd like to keep up with some happy thoughts HERE AT THE BLOG, you're welcome to follow along!

Here are my first few days:

Day One :: HAPPY to be filling up a baby shower gift basket for my niece.  It's a girl!
#100happydays #HappySally

Day Two :: HAPPY to see the poppies open today!  #100happydays #HappySally #childhoodmemories
I should warn you... I am a flower lover, so they may show up many days in this challenge,
but I will never share the same one.

Day Three :: HAPPY to meet my Sweetie for Chinese food for lunch.
Rubber Ducks baseball & fireworks tonight w/ the family... and sunshine!
#100happydays #HappySally

If you'd like to participate, go HERE.  You can post your pictures via many different platforms.  Check it out!

Do you have time... to be happy?


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