Monday, June 16, 2014

Living With Less ~ A Work in Progress

There's much to be said for living with less.  And yet, the mentality these days is that we CANNOT DO WITHOUT.  Society, (along with a lot of questionable marketing) has led us to believe that we HAVE TO HAVE IT ALL.

There is a huge incongruency between what we don't have (because we cannot afford it), and what we have (but cannot truly afford).  The price that our society is willing to pay for things that we think we must have is, at times, sickening.

Lest you think that I am just here to pass judgement...  [As our pastor used to say, "If I am pointing at you, there are three fingers pointing back at ME!"]  ... our basement is filled with things that, honestly, we no longer want or need.  It's a racket, I tell ya.  Want.  Want.  Want.  Buy.  Buy.  Buy.  And in the end, be buried under it all.  Can you tell I feel like my house is OWNING ME lately?

Now, let's not pretend that I won't ever buy another pretty thing -- or even that things will never start to accumulate in my basement again.  I mean, I do understand the concept of things accumulating over time -- regardless of good intentions.

But, I'm going to confess something here:  I have long accumulated things -- all in the name of that FUTURE YARD SALE that will make me lots of money.  What was that sound?  YOU?  Laughing out loud?  I know, I know.  Call me crazy.  Other than out-grown, out-styled clothes that are a pain (IMHO) to keep around or sell at a yard sale, I tend to hold onto things thinking "someday when I have a yard sale, I maybe could get some money for this!"  And you know, my intentions really ARE good... thinking I'll pay off a bill, or do something nice for the family, or make a purchase that we've been putting off.

But... enough is enough.  My yard sale days are drawing closer -- for real this time.  I've just been waiting for Vacation Bible School, and then Vacation...  Soon, there will be nothing standing in my way.

Can't. Hold. On. Much. Longer.

In the meantime, AMVETS called, and will have a truck in my area soon... so I am loading up a few bags of things I don't want to be bothered with at the garage sale.  They used to call me, and I'd say - "I don't have anything this time, but feel free to keep me on your list and call again!"  Now, I just tell them, "See you soon!" -- and I know I will find something to put out on the front porch for them to pick up.  The beauty in this plan is that the only toting around I do is to the front porch.  AMVETS takes care of loading it on the truck, and getting it to their facility.

We also have a few GOODWILL drop-off locations locally.  When I'm "antsy" enough to want something out of the way, I have been known to load it in the van and deliver it to the drop-off!

It's very freeing to get rid of stuff that has just been sitting in your way-- especially if it can ultimately go to someone who needs, or could use it!

Those are just a few suggestions for you, in case you are in the same boat as I am!  *wink*  Do you have a garage sale planned for this summer?  It's a lot of work, isn't it?  Pricing is my least favorite part.  I want to price things to SELL (remember: purging is the goal), but I don't want to devalue my stuff either.  It's a fine line, people!

What's your best garage/yard sale TIP?  (Not buying!!!  Selling!!)


  1. I haven't had a garage sale in years, Sally, but I would say it's all about the pricing. If it's too high to begin with, I won't even ask about a lower number. Good luck my friend! I just dropped a BUNCH of stuff off to our community thrift store this weekend and it felt fabulous! Round one done....with many more to go! :)

  2. For some, a garage sale is a lot,of fun. For me, it is pure torture so I follow Flylady's advice and give it away....not furniture or antiques, but "stuff." I usually get a slip for tax purposes. Have fun!

  3. Great post Sally. I too, have been strongly convicted about cutting down on things and living more simply... it is amazing how we can accumulate things we just do not need. Good for you girl! Go for it.. I am trying to get "lean" on "stufff" one day at a time.. I do not sell.. I usually give mine to Goodwill.. Blessings!


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