Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Note Card Party 11.20

This week, I am excited to be visiting beautiful Carlisle, PA to take care of four of my sweet nieces, ages 12, 10, 8, and 7.  I arrived yesterday, and today is DAY ONE "on our own" (without Mom or Dad) to meet all of the demands of the girls' daily schedules.  I'm very sure that they will set me straight if I forget anything -- they are four very smart girls!!  Hopefully, I'll have some stories to share, but for now, here's my contribution to this month's Note Card Party.

All photos are linked to their original posts.  I'll try to stop by and visit the other participants in between the twice-daily drives to school, being the homework and instrument-practice monitor and chief cook and bottle washer!

Thanks for stopping by!

[Photos are linked to their original posts.]

My apologies to our hostess.  Apparently I missed the request for a "box cover" this month.  As I am away from my home, and my own computer & photo files, I hope you'll forgive the omission.

'13 Gratefulness
* grateful for safety in arriving at my destination
* grateful for my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and their awesome example of teamwork in marriage

Feel free to chime in with a comment!  What are you grateful for today?


  1. Beautiful cards...I never noticed the beauty in a pumpkin stem before! It's quite amazing. Have fun down there with your nieces! I spent many a time caring for my own, but there were only two! LOL!

  2. Sally, I love every one of the photographs you've chosen for your note cards this month! I am an autumn girl through and through, so these images call my name. :)

    The spoon with the etched words "Give Thanks" is wonderful! Is it metal? Wood? Beautiful!

    I enjoyed nosing through your blog a bit this morning. You have a lovely space here.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love the tree in the fog. Did you make the spoon? So sweet!


  4. These is a lovely seasonal set! I especially like that first one - the macro shot. And "thanks" - yes, I am!

  5. Oh my goodness, your notecards are so beautiful and clear! What great photography skills you have.

  6. What beautiful note cards. I love both the pumpkin shots.

  7. Sounds like you have a fun week ahead! I hope it's going good and you're enjoying your visit. I love your choices for the note cards....all of the pretty orange, amber and yellows are beautiful Fall colors. Sweet hugs!

  8. Goodness me Sally you have got your hands full!!!
    Beautiful thanksgiving themed cards - I love the etched spoon - it's something on my "to do" list!!
    Enjoy your thanksgiving if I don't ctch you before.

  9. Beautiful photos, I am grateful for the beautiful fall we have had

  10. L0vely photos! I really like the maple tree in the fog - so beautiful!!

  11. Great pics! I love that first close up of the pumpkin:@)

  12. Hi Sally! Loved your photos - great close-ups! They are tricky with my feeble little camera so I make up for it with the fuss and bother effects thingy. Sounds like you have your hands full - Lord bless you! Looking forward to connecting again soon! Joy!

  13. Oh, I do love close-ups..and all of yours are amazing...I especially love the last one.
    Great Job!!
    xo bj

  14. Sally, these notecards are gorgeous. I love them all! Well done. Did you hammer the old spoon? I love those and would like to have a tap and die kit to make some. Have fun with your nieces. Pamela

  15. I love autumn and your beautiful cards are perfect for this month! I love them all!

  16. Your note cards photos are beautiful.
    Greetings from Holland

  17. Very Nice!! I love all four but #2 is my fav.


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I read each and every one, and truly enjoy "conversations" with you! ~Sally

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