Friday, November 8, 2013

Inquiring Minds Want to Know (Thanksgiving Survey)

Alright Friends, it's time for a little Thanksgiving Survey -- and I would LOVE it if you would participate on your blog.  With Halloween over, and Thanksgiving plans in full swing, it got me thinking about what our traditions are, and what they are NOT.  It's been interesting to read other bloggers' versions of Thanksgiving, and hear their ideas of traditions... the MUSTS and the MUST-NOTS.  So here we go.  Are you ready?

Consider the questions below, and create a post, answering them.  [Obviously, simple answers cover it -- but details are more interesting!]

On TUESDAY morning (Nov.12), I will do a post with my answers -- and include a list-linky, where you can add your name so that we can come to your blog to read your answers.

The questions are pretty basic, with some ideas in parenthesis to get you thinking... (Who knows, it might even get you thinking about why you do the things you do, what you should or shouldn't be doing, or how you could do things differently -- or better!) Perhaps, you'd just like to approach these questions and answer them for the years when Thanksgiving is at YOUR house.  That works too!

  1. Where do you celebrate Thanksgiving?  (Always at the same place?  Or, are you in a family rotation of hosting?  How does that all get decided?)
  2. Formal or casual?  (Good china, everyday, or paper plates?)
  3. Do you serve turkey?  (Is it prepared traditionally in the oven... or outside in a deep fryer perhaps?)
  4. If not turkey, what is your main-dish of choice?
  5. Stuffing?  (inside the bird, or out?  Secret family recipe?)
  6. Are your side-dishes the same every year, or do you change things up?
  7. Does the hostess(or host) do all of the cooking, or do all of the guests contribute?
  8. Is the dessert traditional (like pumpkin pie), or does it vary from year to year?
  9. How about the TV?  Is it on?  (Parade?  Football?)
  10. Do you eat at the lunch-hour, or dinner-hour?
  11. Do you have other things that you do during your time together?  (At the dinner table do you do any little "thankfulness exercises?" -- and by that, I don't mean tummy crunches - LOL.  Do you play games after dinner, or enjoy some other family activity?)
  12. What else do you want us to know about your special traditions?  DO TELL!

Okay -- happy answering!  I'll see you on Tuesday for our Linky Party.  Come along & tell your friends, too!  Who knows?  Maybe we'll all get some new and creative ideas for Thanksgiving.  Don't be shy about showing up late to the party.  The welcome mat will be out!

Oh -- and if you don't have a blog, feel free to visit on Tuesday, and leave a comment about some of your favorite traditions!!!  [Facebook comments also encouraged!] -- or just show up and get ideas from other party guests.

Also... here's that blog button that I never use. (LOL)
Feel free to add it to your post to link back to our party!

'13 Gratefulness
* grateful that our daughter made "merit roll" this quarter at school
* grateful for her extreme excitement in reaching a goal
* grateful that freshman year is far behind her(sophomore year is so much better!)
* grateful for good conversations with her teachers
* grateful for great relationships she has established with her teachers
* grateful for the end of another week, and my hubby coming home tonight!

Feel free to chime in with a comment!  What are you grateful for today?


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