Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Be Afraid...

Be very afraid.

I am about to show you the entirety of my Halloween decorations -- and in broad daylight, no less!  As of yesterday, this fellow came out of storage to grace our kitchen table.  Over the top, right?  He was even lit with a candle by night-fall!  And that, my friends, is the extent of my Halloween decorating.

In my humble opinion, there are too many pretty fall decorations to spend time on the Halloween ones.  But that's just me.  Halloween's never really been "my thing."

I'm off (today and tomorrow) to rock babies at church in the morning, so I probably won't have time to post more than this.  If you saw my posts on Facebook yesterday, I DID have some success with the tole-painted tray!  More to come on that!

'13 Gratefulness
* grateful for pumpkin waffles
* grateful for early bedtimes and chilly sleeping weather
* grateful for sweet babies to cuddle

Feel free to chime in with a comment!  What are you grateful for today?


  1. You have more Halloween decorations than I do, LOL! I am not a fan of the holiday. I think it is silly and weird.

  2. Cute! I do enjoy Halloween, I take it as a fun family pretend holiday and an excuse to eat candy! I do not like bloody, gory, scary, things!!!! xo

  3. Sweet, mine consists of a couple pumpkins and some indian corn...


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