Monday, October 7, 2013

A Visit to Bauman Orchards

One of the things we love to do in the fall is visit nearby orchards and pumpkin patches.  My hubby was up early on Saturday morning, and scouring the morning newspaper as well as the internet.  Somewhere along the way, he found out about Bauman Orchards -- and away we went on our Saturday adventure.

After getting off the highway, we drove through mostly residential streets, and were amazed to practically dead-end into Bauman's!  As we got closer, we could tell that something big was going on.  Cars lined both sides of the street, and wound back into the neighborhood -- and the people just kept coming.  We were lucky to catch the last weekend of their "Fall Festival 2013" -- a great family atmosphere!

One of the first tents that greeted us was the donut-making tent.  These are little cinnamon-sugar dusted gems that shouldn't be missed!  They were offered individually, or boxed by the dozen.


We decided to pick our own apples, not sure how much reaching and climbing we'd have to do.  We were given a bag, and a map that guided us to the rows of apples that were ready for picking.

We found out that many of the Bauman trees are of the dwarf or semi-dwarf variety.  They make for some family-friendly pickin'!

It started to sprinkle just a bit as we were finishing up our apple picking, and by the time we paid for our apples and our $1 hotdog/cider combos, we were running for the car.

We'll definitely be going back to Bauman's!

Did you have any big "fall adventures" this weekend?

'13 Gratefulness
* grateful for a great Saturday morning adventure at the orchard
* grateful for the smell of home-made applesauce on the stove, and home-made apple-cinnamon bread in the oven
* grateful for rain
* grateful for a cozy home

Feel free to chime in with a comment!  What are you grateful for today?


  1. Looked like you had some fun! I've never picked apples before but I bet it was exciting, love the sign that gave instructions on how to pick them. Visiting you from your FB page.

  2. Lovely day! Don't agree with their steps for apple-picking, but that's a minor thing. LOL! Actually, that would make an interesting to properly pick an apple...or not. Those doughnuts look great! Hope that you had a few!

  3. Apple picking is such fun. Looks like a great place. These days I go to the orchards with the farm stands and just buy them already picked. Getting old!! lol I need to get my pumpkins, though. xo

  4. We are hoping to pick apples this will be a first for me.
    I am grateful for the rain, cooler temps, and the smell of roasting chicken that is filling my house right now

  5. What a neat place! It does sound like great fun. No adventures around here these days.


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