Sunday, March 3, 2013

PJ Party

Today (and today only), Claudia @Mockingbird Hill Cottage is having a PJ Party.
Come & join in, and tell us the story of your favorite flannel pajamas!

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The story of my flannel pajamas started a few years back with a showing of "The Polar Express" for the kids at church.  For those of you unfamiliar with the movie:

On Christmas Eve:
"While idealistic, Santa-believing tots dream sweetly of sugar plums or listen intently for the patter of reindeer hooves, one preteen is kept awake by the drip, drip, drip of his own growing cynicism.  We know this because he skeptically looks up "North Pole" in the encyclopedia and maintains a drawer full of clippings exposing Santa as a fraud.  No annual mall photo with St. Nick.  No seasonal letter.  Despite his parents' assertions that the jolly old elf exists, this young man seems a lost cause.  Suddenly a train rumbles to a stop right outside the boy's window.  Wearing pajamas and slippers, he ventures into the snow to see what's going on.  According to the conductor, he is a candidate for The Polar Express, a train that takes children of waning faith on a wild ride to the North Pole where they get to meet the Big Red One in the flesh.  Well... sort of.  Actually, there are no flesh-and-blood actors onscreen in this computer-generated spin on Chris Van Allsburg's classic children's book."

In keeping with the theme of "wearing pajamas and slippers," those of us who were helping with the event were asked to wear exactly that.  My daughter was also helping out, so I bought flannel reindeer-patterned pajamas for each of us.  They were "Joe Boxers" from Kmart.

Do you love how the Christmas tree behind us has framed my head like a wreath?
Angelic, I know.

After the event, my daughter decided that she wasn't crazy about her pajamas, and so I "inherited" them.  (Score!) Before I knew it, I was a former fleece collector gone flannel, keeping close watch on the after-Christmas sales at a particular store in order to get the jammies I loved at a significantly reduced price.

At this point in time, I am the proud owner of about... [I'm counting] ...five pair of flannel pajamas.  I LOVE them. They are so cozy!  And yes -- as Claudia encouraged us to confess, I DO love to lounge in them.  After everyone leaves in the morning, I can often be found right here at my computer -- in my pj's catching up on e-mail and favorite bloggers' posts!  If I have no place to be on a given day, it's quite possible that I would enjoy more time in my pajamas.  Being in pajamas does not necessarily equal low productivity!  Seriously people.  Shame on anyone for thinking such a thing!  There.  I said it.  (You know all you non-loungers were thinking it!)

Now, I don't answer the door in my pajamas, and I can't say I've ever gardened in them (ahem... Claudia), howEVER, I HAVE been known to wear them late into a Saturday morning, or to don them very early on a Sunday afternoon.  I have DEFINITELY baked in them (oh please!), cleaned house in them, blogged in them, and scrapbooked in them.  And oh yes... watched movies in them too!

Truth be known -- I am a huge chicken when it comes to driving anywhere in them.  So, in extreme unplanned situations (like driving my kids to school at the very last minute) I have been known to throw on my jeans over them and go.  Really?  If I were to just go in my pajamas?  THAT would be the day the sun would rise early, and my car would break down.  Not taking THAT chance!  Although, now that I think of it -- I DID drive to "The Polar Express" in them!  What was I thinking?  Well, my pajamas were brand-spanking-new that day, and even IRONED. I mean -- you understand... don't you?  I was going to CHURCH, people!  Do I iron them now?  Heck no, friends. I'm only one fry short of a full Happy Meal, not TWO.

There.  Now you know all my secrets.

p.s.  You might think that my choice of colorful and/or bold patterns would keep me awake at night.  I am here to report:  NO WORRIES!  ZZZZzzzzzZZzZz.

Thanks for stopping by, and...
(or house-cleaning... whatever!)


  1. I love flannel pj's too! My husband....not too much. LOL! I have never driven while wearing them either. I think I worried about the same thing as you. Guess we only have about one more month left to wear them too. Spring will be here soon!

  2. Hi Sally, and I am partying with you at Claudia's, too. Love love love my flannel jammies. xo

  3. Love, love your flannel pj story! I think flannels beat fleece by a mile (just my opinion) and I can see you were won over by the joys of flannel. I know it's daring to drive in them, but what the heck? I figure I'm more covered up in them than in some other things I wear. Gardening? How can I avoid that when I tiptoe out to the garden in the early morning hours to check on something? Same thing happens when it gets warmer, I just have my cotton pjs on instead!!!

    You have more pairs than I do. I'd better get cracking!

    Thank you so, so much for joining in today.


  4. I go fetch milk in my pajamas at my neighbour's in the morning sometimes. But now it's too cold to do it. I love you pyjis. So glad that I'm spening my summer vacation in the States (Newport). I must look for really nice flannel pyjamas there as they are not too common around here. :-)

  5. Just realized you are from Ohio. I am from Granville.

  6. Loved your story! Thank you for sharing.

  7. I enjoyed your story, and love those bright colored prints. So pretty!

  8. Cute pajamas...and loved your stories!

  9. Love seeing you and your daughter in your Christmas flannels. It does look like you're wearing a lighted wreath on you head which is ok because it's Christmas!!!

    Joining you from Claudia's PJ party. Have great week!

    ~ Cassandra from Renaissance Women

  10. Ha! So funny. I am a pajama loving gal, too. Stay in them as often as possible but my day job gets in the way. Ha! Best wishes, Tammy


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