Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Dark Ages

Some would say I live in the Dark Ages.  Why?  Imagine in 2013, a household (with a twenty-year history) that exists without any hint of ever having had a food processor, or even... a blender!  Did you know that these naive households still existed?  What (for crying out loud) makes me think that I can exist in today's society without said tools?

Kind of takes me back to my college years... My family had never owned a microwave oven.  They were the latest and greatest thing to have.  My mom, however, was firm in her belief that a microwave oven should never pass over our home's threshold -- due to the fact that we knew a family who had one (real cutting-edge people) -- and one of their family members in particular gained a lot of weight.  No sir.  That was NOT gonna happen at OUR house, Mom said.  At that time, it seemed there was a lot of melting butter and cheese going on in microwaves -- hello extra calories!  I don't remember what finally convinced my mom -- but one day we DID eventually get a microwave.  And... all's well that ends well, as they say.  Everyone's still fitting through doorways and such.

Fast forward... When I married my hubby, he already had a microwave.  Everybody had them by then.  It died shortly after we married, but we replaced it -- about nineteen years ago.  (Yep, we're real cutting-edge, too!) Still, we've never owned a blender or a food processor.  Ever.  The closest we've come is a coffee bean grinder. Exciting, right?

And really -- I'm okay with our lack of "modern appliances."  I kind of feel about blenders the way my mom felt about a microwave.  I'm sure I'd make all kinds of "smoothie" type yumminess, and we'd gain weight.  Also -- I have limited counter space -- and that's really the crux of the matter.  (Nice that when push comes to shove, I'm more worried about my limited counter space than our waistlines... hmmmm.)

I've entered I don't know how many contests to win a blender, as if getting a blender for free would somehow be calorie free and take up less counter space.  I'm just biding my time.  Someday, a recipe is going to sway me -- and I'll actually buy that blender.  It might be THIS ONE from Susan Branch.  Just sayin'.  Also, I sampled a smoothie at Sur La Table the other day.  The sample-cup wasn't as big as a medicine cup.  They called it Orange-Banana-Honey.  It tasted like more.

I'm getting close people... getting close.  Still don't know where I'd put the darn thing, though.  We might have to put on an addition.  That's IT.

"H-O-N-E-Y... I've got an idea...."


  1. Lol! You're awesome! When we moved to our apt it didn't have a microwave and we haven't bought one, due to lack of counter space. Im finding I don't really miss it, though. Funny- if you'd told me a few months ago I'd be living happily without a microwave, I'd have thought you were nuts! Ha ha!

  2. Hah! What a great reason for a new addition! I'm thinking that a blender company needs to send you one to try out and review...and then you will have the luxury of deciding if you should expand the kitchen to fit it in!

  3. We don't have an electric coffee maker of any kind...SHOCKING!

    1. If my hubby wasn't a coffee drinker, I could probably do w/o one too! Not so shocking, really.

      Have a blessed Easter Linda!

  4. I have a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, a Cuisinart Food Processor and a Vita Mix Blender, all expensive, but used and well liked for their convenience... love that last shot in your post!


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