Friday, March 1, 2013

Gone Fishin'

That's the new joke around here.  You see, I've become addicted to these:

That's right.  Pepperidge Farm Goldfish SOFT Bread -- of the cinnamon variety, if you please.  It all started when my daughter spotted them at one of our thrifty grocery stores.  She was on a kick with them for a while -- and then she gave them up cold turkey.  I don't even know what to tell you about that.  I mean why, oh why would anyone willingly give these up?  Being the good homemaker that I am [*cough], I couldn't let the leftovers go to waste -- and now I'm hooked!

They are quite simply "delectable."  Not in the gooey P-Dub cinnamon roll fashion or anything.  I did say QUITE SIMPLY.  They are a nice subtle cinnamon, but I think it's the texture that gets me.  My favorite way to enjoy them is lightly toasted, with no toppings.

After I realized my addiction how much I loved them, we stocked up on them for $1.00-$1.19 a pack.  Oh yes, my freezer was full of our thrifty "catch."  Until one day, the freezer was... (cue the scary music... jaws maybe?)  ...EMPTY.  And so, I went "fishing."  My catch-as-catch-can thrifty grocers didn't seem to be carrying these any longer.  What?  Say it isn't so.  Well, you know -- when all else fails... ASK SOMEONE.  The lovely clerk that took my inquiry said that the Pepperidge Farm man told her these weren't selling too well -- so he hadn't been bringing them lately.  What?  Not selling well?  For crying out loud.  I was buying every thrifty pack I could find.  And then my husband enlightened me.  "I'm pretty sure the Pepperidge Farm man meant they weren't selling well at the regular grocery store [you know, for FULL PRICE?] -- and so he had none to bring to the thrift grocer."  Oh, right.

[heavy sigh]

I feel like I'm swimming upstream!!!  Now, I can't even find these in the regular grocery stores.  I have been sad, sad, sad -- and a little "in withdrawal" I suspect.

And then it happened.  One day I walked into a regular grocery store, spotted one lone pack on the shelf, and did the unthinkable...

... I paid full price!

And if I'm honest, I can't say it won't happen again.  But, I won't give up "fishing" at the thrift grocer.  I never know what good stuff I might catch there!


Do you have a thrift grocer?

What about a thrift bakery?  [We used to have a WONDER Thrift Store nearby.  I don't need to tell you that tale.]

What do you do when you can't find a particular food product that you've been enjoying?  Shop online?  Talk to your store manager?  Give up?

Have you ever heard of HometownFavorites?  It's an on-line site for hard-to-find groceries.  We've ordered some things from them in the past.  They didn't ask me to tell you about them, I just thought I'd throw this information into my Fish Tale.

Okay -- I'm done with all this fishy folderol.  But from now on, if I leave a note saying "gone fishing," you'll know exactly what I mean.  I'm outta bread.

~ The End ~

p.s. I've listed some new Brag Books in THE SHOP.  I hope you'll check them out.  Here's a peek:

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  1. I saw these a while back, now I can't remember the store!! If I see them I will try them. I love those little crackers, too much so. ;-) xo


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