Thursday, March 7, 2013

I Finally Took the Plunge!

I don't have one good reason to complain about this winter.  Not one.  Weather-wise, others have suffered through great hardships in recent months.  Me?  Ummm, no.  And yet, it has come to that point in the season, when I, as well as others all over Facebook and Twitter feel the need to say:

"Enough already!  Bring on the spring."

Here in NEOhio, our winter has not been harsh.
Overall, it has not been particularly colder than other years.
We have not had any great snowfall totals (much to the farmers' chagrin).

But, a body can only take so much BLAH.

BLAH, blah, Blah, bLAH.  Only so much I tell you.

Many bloggers have posted gorgeous photos of winter images.  Me?  I wasn't going out there unless I had to.  I've been feeling chilled to the bone -- and in need of some sunshine on my shoulders.  BIG TIME.

And yet... while it was cold and winter-ish, I was stuck in my attempts to decorate for spring.  Decorating for spring while snow is still on the ground or in the air is akin to decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving is over.  I just can't bring myself to do it.

But yesterday, when the snow was supposed to be flying, and it wasn't...
yesterday, when the sun was shining (well for at least part of the day)...
yesterday, when my girl came home from school and said, "we could open the windows for a few minutes..."
YESTERDAY, something in me said, "go for it!" and I took the plunge.

 And if it snows again, I guess I will just have to get over myself.

The winter wreath was taken in from the front porch (before the birds could nest in it).
The snowmen are put away.
Anything resembling a snowflake is put away.
The vague remnants of red from Christmas and Valentines (you know, the favorite "stragglers") are all put away.

Time to bring out some new towels, a pretty teapot, some different bowls from my collection, some eggs, and some bunnies.  Time to repurpose some things that have been hidden in corners waiting their turn.

Time to inject a little humor into our days.  Who knew I would EVER have a candle by this name?  [Not what I ordered, but what I ended up with after a little order mix-up.  It gave us a good chuckle at the time, and now we are enjoying the fruity fragrance.]

And yes... time to open the windows for a few minutes.

Could that light at the end of the tunnel be... SPRING?


  1. Now that candle has a unique name. What in the world does it smell like.....or maybe I donn't want to know. The sun is shining today......hoping that is a good sign.

  2. It's been more of a toe in the pool, than an actual plunge over here. We are still covered in snow and there is more on the horizon, but at 40 degrees today, I bought pink and white tulips, swapped out the winter kitchen valance for a lighter one and most importantly, I have taken down the snowman garland!


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