Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like These

Recently, our daughter injured her knee in PE class.  At least, we think that's what happened -- perhaps while running -- or it could've been while lifting weights.  At any rate, elevating and icing wasn't really helping, and it was becoming painful, so we finally made an appointment with the Doc on a morning when she had a "late start" at school anyway.

Our plan was that she would stay home from school in the morning, we'd go to her morning doctor appointment, and then I'd drop her off at school afterwards.

Aah, the best laid plans.  Hallelujah for God's perfect timing.
Not a minute early or late.  Right on time.

This was how my day went:
6:40 alarm went off, made hubby's coffee and lunch
7:20 kissed hubby out the door, made lunches for kids, ate breakfast, read e-mail
8:10 woke son, got dressed
8:50 woke daughter
9:00 took son to school, arrived home to daughter in tears with knee pain and a headache.  Warmed a rice-sock to soothe behind her neck, and she laid down until time to leave for doc.
9:45 rec'd text from son saying he was having stabbing pains in back
9:50 rec'd call from son in which he could hardly speak to me for the pain.  Grabbed his muscle-relaxer Rx, called doc to tell them we were running late and to see if they could fit dear son in as well.  They were running late too, and said, "Bring everyone, and we'll figure it out when you get here!"  (Our doc's office is the bomb-diggity, I'm just sayin'!)
9:55 out the door to pick up son at school, raced to doc's office across town.
10:30 arrived at doc's office to receive diagnosis of inflamation in knee w/ Rx for daughter -and- (severe) back spasms w/ (strong) Rx for son.
11:22 drove daughter back to school, then to pharmacy to drop off Rx, then home with my son.

Thank God for our dear doctor and his staff.  They are so accommodating!

I'm so thankful for God's timing -- that my son called right before my daughter and I were headed to the other side of town.  He was in no condition to wait.

I'm SOOOO thankful for that "mother's intuition" -- that waves a red flag in your head when your child is at his or her limit.  (In this case, a pain limit.)

I'm so thankful for answers.  What a comfort to leave the doc's office feeling that things are under control and being managed, and that we are on our way to recovery of some kind.  What a comfort to know that somebody who really "gets" these mysterious bodies of ours knows what's happening... has been informed... and has given us the best advice on how to care for ourselves.

I've gone to our family doctor as a tween, teen, college student, new mom, and not-so-new-mom.  He has given me two positive pregnancy test results, delivered two healthy children, and weighed them on the very same baby scale that was in the examining room with us on this day.  We don't know our doctor on any other level socially -- and yet, he is a most trusted friend.

Next time we visit him, I plan to tell him that he cannot retire.  It's not open for discussion.  I hope he takes the news well.

p.s.  God bless the man who brings home pizza after a day like this!  Thanks Babe!

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  1. Wow, what a not so good day. Bless that doctor's office for seeing both of them. That's a house of pain for sure. I hope they feel better soon. Yes, horrah for Dad bringing home the pizza.


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