Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Amazing Who?

Oh that Spider Man II.  He has alluded my dear daughter.  Her brother got to go see the movie and she wasn't able to go along.  But, he promised he'd take her...

So tonight -- a school night -- is the last night that it will show at the cheap theatre, and he asked her if she could go.  So, she asked me.  I happen to know that she has a Spanish test tomorrow.  She's feeling rather confident about it (she is good in Spanish) -- nevertheless, I told her that she had to study for her test until it's time to leave.

She grabs her Spanish notebook, and heads upstairs... to her brother's room.  I am just about to yell up the stairs that I don't think she'll be getting much Spanish studying done in her brother's room (he speaks only English - LOL), when I stop to listen and I hear...

...a back-and-forth, brother-sister, English-Spanish banter.  He is helping her study so that she can go to the movie.

Of course, in between, there is lots of laughter.  When I listen again, I realize that they have reversed the roles, and he is attempting to pronounce the Spanish words.

The whole situation: PRICELESS.

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  1. Those are THE BEST sibling moments! Aren't you lucky you caught one! :)

  2. Love this post! Nothing makes my heart smile than little moments just like that!

    Happy Memorial Day to you!


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