Friday, April 25, 2014

graze update 4.21.14

We received our third graze package on 4/14/14 -- again, exactly two weeks from the previous box.  You can read my other posts HERE, HERE, and HERE.

The four snacks included in this box were:
  • white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake (white chocolate, raspberry cranberries and hazelnuts) - I confess, I ate this w/o the nuts.  The white chocolate and raspberry infused cranberries were delightful together!  My hubby was happy to eat the hazelnuts later.
  • cracking black pepper cashews - which my hubby said were good!
  • my thai (sweet chili sauce with baked soy bites) - "Eh" was the response I got from my hubby. Hmmm, not a "glowing review" really.
  • summer berry flapjack - which my daughter enjoyed, even though she isn't a fan of cranberries in her food.  She said they were chopped up pretty fine.

After each box is consumed, I make sure I go back to the graze website where I can rate our snacks and say whether or not we'd like to have them again.  You can also rate other snacks so that the nice people at graze have an idea what you'd like to receive in your next box.

While our family has enjoyed almost all of the snacks that were sent to us, I have to be practical about the expense.  It's unrealistic to continue to pay $1.25-$1.50 for each little one serving snack when I can (for example) get a box of granola bars on sale, making them about .25/each.  Because I shop sales and use coupons, I'm pretty good with getting my money's worth out of our food!

$1.50 for one serving
$1.00 for SIX

You get my meaning?  I know you do.  It was nice for a little trial run -- and THANK YOU to the lovely readers who used my friend code, earning me $1 off three boxes.  However, being the penny pincher that I am, I will unsubscribe after my next box (since I've already been given $1 off that box).

And regarding "serving size", this thought crossed my mind...  Perhaps the "takeaway" from this little experiment is that when I purchase fresh fruit or veggies or boxes/bags of snacks, the BEST idea is to right away break it down into the recommended serving sizes and place in snack size zip bags or plastic containers.  I know a lot of moms do this for little kids -- but it's not such a bad idea for big kids and adults either!  If I leave an item around IN BULK, it's likely to be eaten that way, or at the very least -- in questionable quantities.

Just a reminder: if you use my MY FRIEND CODE to order, you get your first and fifth boxes FREE. When you sign up and encourage friends to use your friend code, you'll get a dollar discount (per friend).

FYI - I will still plan on "reviewing" my last box, if only for the purpose of reviewing the snacks for you.  If these posts have been of any help to you, I'd love to hear about it!  Just leave me a comment.  I promise, I'll respond.  ;D

** I received no compensation for this post.  Just thought I share our experience with a new product.
Opinions are mine -- and my family's.


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