Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bubbles!!! (Subtitled: Squirrel!!!)

If you saw the movie "Up" you will totally get this post.  Maybe.  A little.

You see, it's spring-time and, up until a few days ago... it hasn't been very spring-like.  A better description of the yard might be "swamp-like," --  and not very welcoming.  I could put on my wellies and tromp around out there, but really?  I don't want to leave deep footprints in the muck, so... I stay on solid ground for now.  From a distance, I can see a little green here and there, but no photo-proof just yet.

I'm going a little stir-crazy when it comes to picture-taking.  And really, have we had enough of the hyphenated words?  What is with me today?  [Squirrel.]

Anywho... recently I was washing out an empty soap bottle to recycle, and here's what came next.  This is what happens when Spring doesn't come quickly enough.  Distracted, I am forced to take pictures of the ridiculous - even if it is kind of pretty.  Am I a blogger desperately looking for some fun pics, or what?

Is it Spring yet in your neck of the woods?  Have you spotted lots of green shoots around the yard  -- maybe even buds opening, or are you still dealing with melting snow?  As for me, I just...


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  1. Well, lookie there! You make something beautiful out of soap bubbles! Wow! Don't remember this in UP. What did I miss, the whole point???


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