Friday, November 16, 2012

For The Dalits (with love)

Our church does a lot of work with The Dalit Freedom Network.  Who are the Dalits, you ask?

The Dalits represent about 250 million people who have been oppressed for over 3,000 years, and treated as "untouchables."  Many of them are struggling to decide what they will believe after an almost official departure from the religion of their birth because of the caste system.  Because the Dalits have been denied basic human rights, they have a tremendous need for healthcare, education, women's rights, and economic opportunities.  Through a partnership in India with the Dalit Freedom Network, we hope to address these needs.

Some of the women of the church have partnered together to take the cause even further.  They have collected donated goods and services for an on-line auction to benefit the Dalit women and children of India.

I'm helping to spread the word!

All proceeds from this auction will go directly to the Dalit Freedom Network to benefit Dalit women and children in India.  Items are available in every possible category from ART to JEWELRY and GADGETS to SPAS.  (You must register to bid.)  Please take a look, and help support these women and children.  THANK YOU!

The auction will be live November 21-28th.  Come browse now, and register to bid.  When bidding opens, you'll be all set, and can start your bidding.  The screenshot below shows only some of the categories!


<<< --- Please note the addition of the "auction" button in the left sidebar.  I will leave that up for the duration of the auction so that you can easily find a way to click through.  Thanks again!  ~Sally


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