Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekend Thrifting

We just never know where we'll end up on our weekend adventures.  Sometimes it's just a drive down the road to our local Penn-Dutch Market.  Sometimes we head to a HUGE nearby flea market.  We've been known to take a drive in the country -- a great excuse to stop at an Amish restaurant.  But on Saturday, it was to a near-by thrift store.

Of course, you can count on finding things if you don't take cash, right?  Well, that's exactly how we started out.  I was soon scrounging in my hubby's van to find change so that I could purchase two brand new Pfaltzgraff dinner plates in my "Grapevine" pattern.  There were only two, and when I asked the price, the shopkeeper suggested two for a dollar.  Score!  (Luckily, I was able to gather that much change!)

Pfaltzgraff "Grapevine" dinner plates

On Sunday, we stopped by a garden center and got two "Northern Sea Oats" plants @ $3.00/ea. and a "Tweety Coreopsis" for a buck!  The Coreopsis is usually bright yellow, but isn't worthy of a photo right now.

Northern Sea Oats

There is no part of gardening that I do "by the book" or, let's just say it.... CORRECTLY.  {Heaven knows, I'm thinking about digging these up so that I can tell you if my experiment is working or not.  That can't be correct, right?}  Anyways... I totally bought these plants without thinking where they will end up.  But, I do know that they will help fill in some spaces.  And they are perennials, so I can plant them now, and expect to see them again in the spring.  Who knows?  If I get that Coreopsis in the ground soon, it may even recover to do a little fall blooming (or so says the plant-tag).

We are always on the hunt for cheap perennials.  I confess: "cheap" is more of a prerequisite in our garden that anything else!  Along with "cheap" goes... no gardener. (ha!)  So, that means I'm "on duty" & it's time to move some things around in the garden!

Have a great day!


  1. Sounds like a weekend I would love! Cheap perennials are wonderful - they only thing better are free ones!


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