Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Still "On Call"

Call me crazy.  And some of you will.  But I am (still) a stay-at-home-mom, who takes great pleasure in caring for my kids -- even though they are teens.

I love having a bit of breakfast ready for them before they walk out the door.

I love packing their lunches.

I love driving them to school when/if the school bus thing doesn't work out.

I love taking them to the places that they need to go.

And so, when our son got his drivers license several weeks ago, I felt like I had been relieved of some of my duties. It was a little... jarring, to say the least.

He's all like, "I'm 18, so..."
And I'm all like, "But I'm still your mama, so..."


Overall though, I think I've adapted pretty well.

Then last week... he came home sick on Thursday.  Been sick ever since.  And while I would never, ever wish for him to be sick (gosh, it makes me teary to see him so out of it), I will say that I don't mind taking care of him one little bit.  You know, making him stick to his med-schedule... making sure he eats... giving him lots of fluids.  You know the drill.

Know how I know he's really sick?  Because he's letting me do those things without any "rolling of eyes."  In fact when I ask, he'll actually say, "a cup of tea sounds really good" -- and that's music to my ears.

Yep.  I'm still "on call."


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