Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Review, and the Best Phone Call EVer!

The garage sale is over.  What was I thinking?  It was a lot of work... the most stress the first day when we just didn't know what to expect.  Easier the second day -- but then a whole lot of work cleaning up.  With the exception of a handful of things that we still think we can get some money for, we loaded up two vans and drove straight to Goodwill.  BIG PURGE!!  Oh, that was absolutely the right thing to do -- while our momentum was in full swing!  If we had waited, there's no telling when it would've gotten there.

My sweet hubby and daughter located all of the garage sale signs and removed them, and we took them to the recycle place in our township -- along with our tub of paper recyclables that was full to overflowing from all of the garage sale activity!  Boom.  Killed two birds with one road trip -- so to speak.

We didn't make lots of money -- but I have a little more than I did last Thursday.

We managed to have everything that was for sale out in the driveway so that it was more visible from the street.  As we sat in the garage visiting [and waiting for more shoppers] -- other items would pop into my head, and I would run to find and price them.

Such was the case with my kids' baby bassinet.  There it sat on the top shelf in the garage... wrapped in double layers of large, strong, black trash bags and [practically] hermetically sealed with duct tape!  I pulled it down and ripped through the bags to find a 20-year-old, like-new baby bassinet!  Perfect.  Not yellowed, and only a little dust that flew in when I opened the packaging.  I cleaned that up, and put a price sticker on it -- and wouldn't you know?  Somebody snapped it up for their step-daughter who was having a baby soon!  I'm so glad it will be put to good use!!  Makes me happier than having it sit on the shelf wrapped up, that's for sure!

It also makes me happy to have my basement cleaned out, my garage back, my van cleaned out, and to be getting things back in order around the house.  I think that thoughts of this garage sale will haunt me for a very long time.  Not the garage sale itself, mind you.  It was fun to hang out with my family for two days.  But... it was [after all] the culmination of too much saving and holding onto stuff -- and I want to avoid that like the plague!

Speaking of happy...  I put some pictures of the stuff we were selling up on Facebook for local friends to see. So, from time to time over the weekend, I checked Facebook to see if there were any comments.  Yes, one friend asked me to hold something for her!  Anyway, as I scrolled through my newsfeed, I spotted this post from a friend.  It made us all laugh so hard, and I asked her if I could share it with you.  Thanks SUSAN! You're the best!

So, every time I am on the parrot mimics my entire conversation. So today, I received a unlisted number with a sales call...and decided to let the parrot talk with them.


Hawkeye: Hello...
Salesperson: Hello, m'am, I am calling today about the....
Hawkeye: Hello?
Salesperson: Hello, m'am, I am calling today about the....
Hawkeye:'ll be fine...
Salesperson: umm....what was that?
Hawkeye: uh huh...ok...who are you?
Salesperson: this is Sam from the....
Hawkeye: ok...ok...uh you want a coffee?
Salesperson: ummm...what ?
Hawkeye: Hawkeye want a cookie? Hawkeye want a coffee?
Salesperson: hey guys, I think I am talking to a parrot...I'm putting it on speaker phone...
Hawkeye: Who are you? I know who I am. Do you want a coffee? Do you want some? Is that good? 
Salesperson: oh my gosh...a talking parrot...this is great (much laughter from other sales people on the speaker phone)
Hawkeye: ok...uh huh...hurry up, Allayna...let's go. Tommy, laundry !!! Hey mom. Bye'll be fine. 
Salesperson: (laughter, laughter, laughter, laughter) Hey thanks man, this was the best phone call ever !!!!!


  1. Congratulations on a great garage sale. You may not have made much money, but the purging is all worth it! Ah, I wish I could get inspired to dig out some of the excess stuff in our storage room and get it out of here.

  2. Sounds like you had a fun garage sale. Yes, they sure are a lot of work that's for sure! Oh my gosh, I love the parrot story, that's great! I have a mini-parrot aka green-cheeked conure, he talks but kind of like a two-year old ~ where mom has to interpret. :) So, I especially loved the story....I will be forwarding it if it's okay?

    I figured out my problem on the last was my cookies that kept blocking, changed the settings so now I'm good to go! Have a great day!!


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