Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Memories of... THE Dress

September 26, 1992

It was a very good day.  Our wedding day.  I cannot believe we're approaching the 22-year mark!  It seems like forever in all of the very best ways.  That's not to say that every day has been perfect.  But, it has been a perfectly beautiful life in the sense that I am right where I belong.

Our wedding was simple and relatively small by some of today's standards -- but it was perfectly US.

My parents paid for the wedding.  Tradition.  What may not be so traditional is that they gave us a budget for the entire thing and said, "Beyond that, it's up to you!"

Recently, my mom revealed a wonderful tip on how they came up with the funds for my wedding.  You see, I attended college locally, living at home until I married.  But it wasn't a free ride.  From the time I got my first job, my parents asked that I pay a certain percentage of my paycheck to them as "room and board."  They, in turn, set aside that money, letting it accumulate until it was time to plan my wedding.  Then, they knew exactly what they could afford, and what would be up to me(us) to pay.  As I recall, I stuck pretty close to that budget, realizing what a gift it was!  We had a beautiful wedding -- but I was pretty practical, and didn't have much of the excess that weddings seem to have these days.

But this post was supposed to be about the dress.

I tried on a few dresses at dress shops, but it wasn't really my style to have someone fussing over me like that. So, I took what some would say was the easy way out.  But, I never looked back... never had one regret.  I ordered the dress on the cover of the JCPenney catalog, which I had fallen in love with.  These days, the on-line selection at Penneys is rather limited, showing only statuesque styles that are rather plain.  But, 22 years ago, they had a real bride's catalog!

"Cascades of lustrous simulated pearls accent the V back of this shimmery satin gown.  Lace-over-satin princess bodice has sequins and simulated pearls on front and back.  Extended padded shoulders fringed with simulated pearls over sheer lace sleeves."

Since I am being sentimental about the DRESS itself, the picture I've shared is the original catalog page, which showcases all of the beautiful features of the dress perfectly.  The lighting of this photo shows the details of the dress better than my wedding pictures.  I recently pulled the catalog page out of my wedding file box to attach to the dress for purposes of selling it.  Yes.  Selling.

Until very recently, the dress had been hermetically sealed in our attic and/or basement for the past 22 years. I decided it was time to open it up, and offer it to someone who will be able to put it to good use.  Although plenty of people commented on it at the garage sale [a gentleman even said he thought it was the prettiest wedding dress he had ever seen], nobody showed any real interest in it.  We'll be trying to sell a handful of our unsold garage sale items on Craig's List, and I just have to try to sell it there before I donate it. We'll see how that goes.  I have a friend who just raves about Craig's List -- but it will be a new experience for me, so I'll try and remember to keep you posted.  *wink

If any of you sell on Craigs List, I would love to hear about your experiences!


  1. It sure is a beautiful dress! But I understand about selling it. There comes a time when you really have to start letting go of possessions or else they possess you. And then there is the joy that another person has when ownership goes to them. I have used Craig's List with limited success. It all depends, I think, about how popular it is in your particular area. I would never, ever use it in a big urban area. Too many crazies out there! And if the buyer agrees to buy something, it is really better to meet at the parking lot of a restaurant, shopping center, etc., than at your home.

  2. Wow, I love the back of the dress! Super stunning! I totally get it though, Sally, mine is that sealed box too...taking up space in my closet. My girls keep telling me that they would want to wear it, but I doubt it! Besides, they should have their own dress, one that suits them! My sister is a Craig's List shopper and seller. I have never used it, but am eager to hear how it turns out!


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