Monday, July 21, 2014

Making a Space More Functional

This is our microwave cart.  On top, there is room for the microwave, the toaster, and the napkin-holder. Underneath there is this great storage space -- which has always been helpful as our kitchen doesn't have tons of storage.  I try to be efficient in the way I store things -- purging often (which ends up being not as often as I should, but you know how that goes....)

See that mandolin-slicer?  Bad news.  Here's a tip -- always lift it by the handle, and then you'll know you're not going to run your finger across the blade inadvertently... not that that has ever happened here.


I admit, this space has looked worse than this, for sure.  Baking pans move in and out of here, and I guess what bothers me most is how it all leans.  When you pull one thing out, two other things usually follow.

I was at TJMaxx the other day and found these sturdy iron organizer racks.  I purchased two for this project.  I love how they give each item it's own space -- even the mandolin!  Each organizer rack has three slots.


In my space, it still leaves room at the end for some cookbooks.  Notice that I didn't cram too many things into each slot.  After-all, that kind of defeats the purpose.

Aaaah.  A fresh start!

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