Monday, January 28, 2013

There's No _____ Like Home (A Memory)

When my daughter and I were on the way to get our flu shots the other day, somehow we got talking about other appointments when my daughter got shots...

She said she could remember one appointment, where we let her take "Teddy" into the examining room with her. I think this is a false memory -- or a few memories combined.  She tells that she was "extra-scared" and held onto Teddy for security.

However, I reminded her that we never let her, or her brother take their stuffed animals or blankies IN places. Not into the church nursery... Not into the grocery store (oh heavens, no!).  NOT.  On the rare occasion that their blankies made it into the car, we would arrive at our destination only to tell them, "Put blankie on the seat.  We can't take it with us.  It'll be here when you get back in the car."  They knew the rules, and they knew Mommy and Daddy were immovable on this point since we didn't want their blankies bringing home any germs!

And then, a memory struck me.  There was a certain boy (who shall remain nameless) who, when told he must leave his blankie, would put it to his face, and breathe deep.  D-E-E-P I tell you.  This deep inhale was meant to last from the moment he left the car until the time he returned to the car, when he quickly gathered his blankie back up in his arms.

A deep breath of what surely must've smelled like... HOME?

Because... there's no smell like home.


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