Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Handwritten Note

In Layla's "Simple, With a Hearty Side of Significant" post, she challenged us to write a handwritten note to somebody this week.  I had a few different circumstances come up...

First of all, this week was exams for our kids.  My sweet daughter was in a panic -- since they were her first big-time (not at home) exams.  I know that she is capable of great things -- but lately, she has been doubting herself, so I snuck this into her lunch bag: a handwritten Bible verse straight from her mama's heart... to her.  It's a little rumpled since it spent two days between an ice-pack, sandwich, yogurt, and banana -- but you get the idea.

And then came news that a friend's husband had died suddenly.  I wasn't able to visit at the funeral home -- only to attend the actual funeral, where there was no time to visit with the family, or my friend.  So, I wanted to write her a note to tell her I had been there, and how strongly her family's legacy of love had affected me.

You know that I have recently committed to sending birthday greetings.  I just received my selection of cards the other day, and so I feel "stocked up," but, you guessed it -- no sympathy cards.  If only I could find that small pile of miscellaneous cards that I cleaned up and stashed away before Christmas.  But, no luck.

So, when I was at the grocery store, I bought a simple card, intending to add my message.  However, a nice lady packed up my groceries, and when I arrived home... no card!

Wanting to get busy about my project before I forgot, I set to finding my missing pile of cards.  I finally found them -- as well as some note cards that I had made to give as gifts to friends.  I found one that was just the ticket:

And I'm inspired to keep on.  Thanks, Layla!  Keep those great ideas coming!

Have you written any handwritten notes lately?
Why not start today?  Let's cause a revolution. *wink*

By the way, if you're interested in seeing what Layla ended up doing, you can go HERE.  And... I'd like to echo Layla's comment about why she decided to post about her handwritten notes.  Not to brag, but to inspire.  That's all.  Plain and simple.  Because, it's not hard if you're doing it from your heart. ♥


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