Monday, January 7, 2013


Well, this morning we started back on our early school schedule.  Two days of review, and two days of exams this week, with Friday off.  The new semester begins next Monday.  I'm not sure why this makes more sense than finishing exams before Christmas break, but we'll get through it -- one prayer at a time.

Are you back into your full-blown "regular" routine for the new year?

Around here, it's a 5:30 wake-up alarm, packing lunches, and praying my hubby & kids out the door and safely to their destinations.

Now.  To tackle this house -- which, except for decorating and undecorating, has pretty much been ignored for two weeks.

How about you?  Are you awake?

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  1. Awake-but barely! Lol happy new year Sweet Sal! Xoxo Suz


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