Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Prayer Request

Our girl is headed to North Carolina tomorrow with a team of 30 other 8th graders and 7 leaders.  They will be working with ReCreation Experiences.  This is a rural ministry trip geared toward reaching out to people with the gospel through home repair in the mountains of North Carolina.

 Last year, she was blessed to participate in a 4-day ministry trip to Pittsburgh.  At this point, she is starting to realize that this will be the longest that she has been away from her family "alone."  I'm confident that she'll do fine - but this is what is weighing on her right at this moment (and probably keeping her from sleep).

I'm praying that:
  1. she and all of her team-mates will get a good night's rest tonight
  2. that their travel time will be safe
  3. that they will all be too busy during the day, and too tired at night to get homesick
  4. that her team (kids and leaders) will be unified, and work well together - living out the love of God
  5. that they will sleep well each night
  6. that this trip will be injury-free
Will you pray with me?  Thanks so much.  I'm excited to hear the stories they will tell when they return!


  1. God bless your girl on her trip. Ministry work is always rewarding and fun. She'll be back before you both know it. I'll keep her in my prayers.

  2. I said a little prayer for them. Hope they have a fantastic time.
    x Marnie


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