Thursday, June 16, 2011

Approach with Caution? -- or Enthusiasm?

Lately, I've noticed some interesting patterns in how various generations approach the Lord.

Many people in my parents' generation prayed with "Thee" and "Thou."
I tend to begin with "Heavenly Father."
Our kids say, "Hey God," not with disrespect, but as if they are greeting a friend.

In worship, it used to be typical to bow your head.
I tend to look upward in praise.
Our kids look straight ahead, ready to meet God right there on their turf -- again, as a friend.

It's interesting to see each generation approach the Lord in their own fashion.
I don't believe that one way is correct or incorrect.
Afterall, God DOES know the "attitude" of our hearts!

Ultimately, I think it's most important that we approach God at all -- don't you?


  1. Amen sister.
    It's the heart that counts.

  2. Absolutely! My kids are meeting God right in front of their eyes. I love that!
    I pray with my eyes closed and head bowed, just like I was taught.


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