Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mission Accomplished

What a day we had yesterday.  We hit Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky.  AWESOME day.  It was so beautiful.  Cloudless, and in the 80's.  No humidity.  A cool evening.  Fifteen-minute lines for the rides.  We picked THE day.

We decided to make it a day of "yeses," instead of a day of, "you want to pay HOW MUCH for a can of pop?"  Everyone needs a "day of yeses" now and then.  It was pretty much stress free.  And, interestingly enough, nobody asked for anything unreasonable.  Nice.

We traveled on the simple side... no iPods.  We actually talked to one another during the ride.  Okay - and slept.  When we arrived, all phones went in the glove-box in the van.  We found one another in the park the old fashioned way.  We LOOKED.

We took no cameras either.  I confess, this was a hard decision for me.  Ultimately, I was glad not to have the excess baggage -- especially when we got DRENCHED on the two water rides.  But, I did have my regrets throughout the day.  I mean c'mon -- we're talking about a cloudless blue-sky day, and bright carnival colors -- TONS of great shots.  I saw them all, and imagined them displayed on the pages of our scrapbooks.  But alas, they were just in my own memory.

By day's end, we were getting tired and done riding rides -- but wanted to wait around for the lights to go on -- and to ride the BIG WHEEL one more time to see the lights of the park from above.  So, we hung out in the arcade, and watched the kids play games.  And that's where I saw it...  A PHOTO BOOTH!!!

Perfect.  My hubby and I piled in, paid our money, and struck all the goofiest poses we could think of.  Then, we hunted down our children, and asked them to do the same.  TaaDaa!!

A Day Remembered.  Awesome.  Fun.  Sunshine.  Sunburn.  Funnel Cakes.  Getting REALLY wet on the water rides.  Riding lots of awesome roller coasters.  Gift shop momentos.  The BIG WHEEL after dark with the park lights on.  A sleepy ride home.  Mission accomplished.


  1. Sounds just about perfect to me!


  2. Wow!
    more power to ya. you have way more energy then I do!


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