Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Project Life Update ~ 9.3.14

Well, so much for a regular day of the week to post Project Life updates.  I started with Monday, but then after one busy weekend, thought I would move it to Tuesday to give me more time to take the photos... Of course, then the Labor Day holiday got thrown in there and that delayed me to Wednesday.  Oy.  Oh well, better late than never, I always say.

Here are this week's pages.  As always, I remind you that the photos (though in chronological order) are oldies.  Last week, I was "gabby" -- so today, I'll keep it simple...

Cousins Halloween Party 2013
Cards used: Sunshine edition core kit, Fall themed kit, leaf embellishment (my own from scrappin' stash)

Fall 2013
Cards used: Sunshine edition core kit, Fall, and Celebrations themed kits

November 2013
Cards used: Family, and Fall themed kits

I love the pictures of our Thanksgiving table.  They ended up being the only pictures I got of that day... before everyone arrived.

December 2013
Cards used: Christmas themed kit

December/Christmas Eve 2013
Cards used: Christmas themed kit

Christmas Day 2013
Cards used: Christmas themed kit

New Year's Eve 2013
Cards used: homemade from some Christmas paper I had on-hand

Sometimes photos of things around the house evoke such a feeling of the time and place...
things that are popular at the time... traditions...
I love this page!

What pages have you worked on lately?


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