Monday, August 18, 2014

Project Life Update ~ 8.18.14

Continuing on from last week... remember, these photos are "out of season" so to speak... still working on catching up.

I love this page because it reminds me that I am taking a relaxed approach with Project Life.  These photos are of my daughter and my niece, who share a birthday.  Needless to say, their birthday pictures are always together in the scrapbooks.  But I didn't take that many pictures this particular year, and I had a bunch of open slots.  I didn't necessarily just want to fill the empty spots with cards for the sake of filling them.  This is where my kazillion photos of flowers came in handy!  I used some pretty shots of grocery store flowers to fill in an empty corner on this two-page spread.

quote: "99% of life is mundane SO IT'S IMPORTANT to enjoy the everyday."
my words: "like clearance flowers!"

The cards used here are from the birthday-themed collection, and the quote is from an old pad of card-stock quotes I had on hand.  I just cut it to fit.

This first page is about some special gifts my son and I received.  The second page is about Dad's birthday and Mother's Day.  The colors sort of coordinate with each giving you that idea before you even start reading.  All cards are from the Sunshine Core Kit, with the exception of the bottom left chevron, and the quote {both from the same quote pad as above.}

Again -- several events: our family at a baseball game, our daughter at an academic awards ceremony, and my sister [and family] at her birthday party.  Cards are from the Sunshine Core Kit, the Americana themed kit, and the Celebrations kit.  There's another quote card in there too.  I love cards with words!!!  The core kits and themed kits have some of those as well!

Wow, on to our son's graduation last spring!  I love these pages -- and there are a bunch of them.  This particular set shows a Design A pocket page and a 6x12 page.  I had a few of these left from another project, and they really do come in handy for the random thing here and there -- like for saving special greeting cards.  In this case, I have slipped our son's graduation announcement in it.  After unfolding the entire announcement, I sliced it down the center seam, and inverted the one side (otherwise the back side would've been upside-down) before putting it in the sleeve.  The front had a blank center section, so I attached a nice photo of his graduation tassel there.  You can see the back side of the page below.

To the right in the photo above, you can see a Design H pocket page.  By using this page and the one below, I was able to fit in all of our graduation photos without spilling over onto one more left-hand page.

All of the graduation pages use the Graduation themed cards -- which I LOVE, because most of them were in our school colors!  Hurray.  While I'm thinking of it {and before the retire that pack of cards}, I think I will pick up another one for our daughter's graduation in two years!  How's that for planning ahead?

Whew!  After graduation, we celebrated!  Fun family time!!  Most of these cards are from the "Hi Sunshine" Value Kit.

Time for more birthdays!  Mine, my sweet hubby's, and our niece's.  In between, I couldn't resist sharing the photos of the hibiscus we bought for our garden.  What beautiful blooms.  Cards are from the Celebrations themed kit and the "Hi Sunshine" kit.

Well, that wraps it up for this week!  I haven't lost "the fire!"  I'm still rolling along on this -- and loving every minute of it!  It is HUGE for me to have this off my mind -- and we are enjoying the books tremendously!  So many great memories have been recalled!

That's what it's all about.
{Kind of like the Hokey-Pokey! *wink}

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  1. Hi Sally!

    You're progressing beautifully with "Project Life" :). I know from experience it is very time consuming, but it so worth it in the end! Very wise going with the relaxed approach. Love seeing bits of your life in pictures. Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I read each and every one, and truly enjoy "conversations" with you! ~Sally

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