Monday, August 25, 2014

Hibiscus Update, and a New School Year!

We interrupt the usual Project Life Monday blog post pattern to bring you this Hibiscus update.  Also... I was lazy this weekend, and didn't get to take any new photos for a Project Life Update.  Stay tuned... hopefully tomorrow.

You might remember that I told you about our first Hibiscus blossom HERE,  and I marked the date for future reference.  I was pretty excited when that first bloom popped open, and I promised to show you more... when they opened.  It's been chilly around here this summer -- and I think they were waiting for a warmer day -- which we've had a few of lately, so... without further adieu...

I love these crinkly crepe-paper like petals!

This one was not taken to give me any bragging rights.  It's only so that I have a measure, year to year of how big these blooms get.

The intricate centers are amazing!

Well, it's back to school today.  This year our daughter is attending the local Career Center during the first half of the day, and then, will catch a bus back to the high school for her core classes in the afternoon. This particular week, that means half days until Wednesday, when she will participate as a mentor in freshman activities during the afternoon hours.  On Thursday her real full-day schedule begins.  

Around here, the anxiety has been building.

We are anxious to get "firsts" behind us.


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