Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hibiscus, a Bunny, a Skunk -- and This Summer!

...and not necessarily in that order

Hmmm... Hibiscus is ever a surprise.  When we purchased this plant last year, it was already blooming, and we enjoyed it's beautiful pink blooms.  Then came the harsh winter, and when spring came... NOTHING.  We thought it was a goner.  But, sure enough and better late than never -- it came back.  It grew tall fast as if we were living in the tropics, though there's been nothing tropical about this summer in NEOhio.  Finally, in July, I took a picture of this somewhat complex thing that I thought was the beginning of a blossom.

photo taken 7/16/14

In fact, it seems as if that was the beginning of many blossoms!  That centralized burst of green has turned into lots and lots of these:

photos taken 8/8/14

At least, I think that's what has happened.  All I know is... I'm pretty excited about this bud (below).  I'm actually seeing a little pink there!  Could be any day now, I suppose.  Although, if it's anything like our tomatoes that don't want to turn red...  I hear they like a little heat.  Hmmmm - at this point, all bets are off for more heat THIS summer.  And that's not a complaint.  It's been a lovely fallish-summer.  I just might have to wait to see my Hibiscus bloom and to eat ripe home-grown tomatoes until next year.

Ironically, as I do my blog-reading, other bloggers are saying that it's been a hot, hot summer.  I suppose they are knee-deep in Hibiscus blooms and homegrown tomatoes too.

Around here, we turn the air off at night [that is, if it's been on at all] and fling the windows wide open.  Lately though, there has been a cry of "skunk" during the night, and all of the windows get slammed shut.  It seems that those of us who are innocently wrapped in blankets in the house -- and far out of the skunk's way -- shouldn't have to deal with his stench smack in the middle of our dreams.

Thank goodness I've never met the skunk at the door when taking the trash out at night!  I don't even want to think about that!!  Though we have much evidence of creature comings and goings around here, this guy [below] is usually the one that jumps out to surprise us... or just lays flat-out on it's belly under tall-growing flowers.  Either way, I'll take Mr. Cottontail ANYtime.

How's that for a lot of random thoughts?  Yep.  All rolled up into one post.

P.S.  Don't worry.  I'll let you know if and when the Hibiscus blooms!  *wink


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